Professional Clipping Path Service

High-Quality, Affordable Price, and Fast Turnaround

Get accurate and high-quality clipping path service for any degree of complexity. We deliver pixel-perfect, high-quality images as per your requirements.

Services We Provide

Clipping Path Shop is a company that can help make your photos look great. We offer a variety of services, such as clipping path, removing backgrounds, making mannequins look invisible, adding shadows, changing colors, and editing product photos for online stores.

Clipping Path

Clipping Path Service
Our hand-drawn clipping paths produce crisp and clean cutouts that can be seamlessly placed on any background or you can edit later if needed.

Background Remove

Background Removal Service

We can help you achieve a professional look and make your product stand out by getting rid of unwanted backgrounds or even replacing the background entirely.

Photo Retouching

Fix scratches and spots, remove wrinkles and blemishes, adjust colors, and remove unwanted elements to make your photos look their best.

Ghost Mannequin Effect

Ghost Mannequin Service

Our ghost mannequin effect techniques allow us to remove the mannequin or model from the image, resulting in natural and visually appealing results

Drop Shadow

Drop Shadow Service

By utilizing our shadow creation service, your product images can gain depth and dimension, resulting in a more visually appealing and professional appearance.

Color Change

Color Change Service

A smart approach is to capture a single product in multiple color variants and use our color change service to alter the color later.

Benefits Of Hiring Us

Clipping Path Shop offers top-notch photo editing services that guarantee client satisfaction. Our team of professionals is dedicated to providing reliable and affordable services.

Affordable Price

Get high-quality photo editing services at an affordable price of just $0.29 per image. Our reliable team ensures client satisfaction with every project.

Edited by Retoucher

Each edit is carried out by a skilled retoucher, not by a machine, providing full control and the most polished edges possible.

Why Clipping Path Shop

Quality Guaranteed

we stand behind our work and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Additionally, we invite you to take advantage of our free trial to experience the quality of our services before making a commitment.

Fast Turnaround

Our delivery time is lightning fast! With our standard turnaround time being just 24 hours, and as fast as 6 hours for rush orders.


Photoshop Clipping Path Service: The Human Touch, Not AI

Our Clipping Path services are all hand-made using Adobe Photoshop. In today’s modern world, there are numerous AI tools available, but when it comes to photo editing, Adobe Photoshop remains the professional’s top choice. We firmly believe that Adobe Photoshop is the only tool capable of elevating an image to the highest level of professionalism with a human touch. At Clipping Path Shop, we have a team of over 150 Photoshop experts dedicated to enhancing your product images and delivering outstanding results.

Getting Started With Clipping Path Shop

Our easy working process saves you time and money. Get your job done hassle-free and quickly without compromising quality.

Share Your Image Requirements

Click on ‘Free Trial’ to send us your image samples and requirements. We’ll get back to you within a few minutes.

Get a Quote and Confirm Approval

After reviewing your images and requirements, we will send a custom quote with an affordable price. Once you receive our quote, please give us the green signal to get started.

Skilled Image Editors at Work

Once you approve the quote, our skilled editors will start working on your images. We pay attention to every detail to deliver high-quality edited images that meet your expectations.

Receive Edited Images

Once our editors finish editing your images, we will send them back to you in the format you requested. We provide fast turnaround times and are always available to help with any concerns or questions.

Maximizing Image Editing Quality with Clipping Path Services

Clipping path service have become increasingly popular among businesses and individuals who require high-quality image editing. Essentially, a clipping path is a technique used to cut out an image or object from its background.

One of the main benefits of utilizing clipping path services is the ability to achieve clean and precise image cutouts. Professional image editors use specialized software and techniques to carefully trace around the edges of an object or subject, resulting in a flawless cutout that appears natural and seamless.

Another advantage of clipping path services is the ability to have complete control over the final image, which can be easily incorporated into various design projects, such as product listings, social media posts, or website banners. 

Transform Your Brand's Image with Expert Photo Editing Services

Transform Your Brand's Image with Us

Clipping Path Shop is a professional clipping path service provider that provides high-quality image editing services to businesses and individuals around the world. With a team of skilled photo editors and designers, Clipping Path Shop helps clients enhance the visual appeal of their images and strengthen their brand recognition.

By entrusting your photo editing needs to Clipping Path Shop, you can rest assured that your images will be handled with the utmost care and attention to detail. With fast turnaround times and competitive pricing, Clipping Path Shop is best choice for anyone looking to enhance their images through professional photo editor.

Clipping Path Service for E-commerce

Did you know that 90% of our satisfied customers are eCommerce companies who sell their products online? Our eCommerce photo editing services are specifically designed to help online businesses enhance the visual appeal of their products and increase their sales.

With our professional eCommerce photo editing services, online retailers can showcase their products in a consistent, high-quality manner across their website, social media, and marketing channels. Whether you are an established eCommerce brand or a small online retailer, our photo editing services can help you take your product visuals to the next level.

Ecommerce Photo Editing Services
Low cost clipping path Service

Save Money with Our Cost-Effective Clipping Path Service

We offer budget-friendly prices and discounts for bulk orders. Our clipping path service is known for being cost-effective without compromising on quality. An impressive 97% of clients agree with our initial asking price. We prioritize delivering high-quality editing while minimizing the cost of clipping paths. Additionally, we provide special discounts for our regular clients.

We guarantee top-notch quality by drawing the clipping path within a 300% zoom of the image. You will never be disappointed with our clipping path service and price.

Who Needs Clipping Path Service?

Our business is specifically dedicated to assisting product photographers and e-commerce businesses that sell products. The majority of our clients fall into the following categories:

Ecommerce Owners

Approximately 75% of our clients are e-commerce business owners. We work with a wide range of brands, including luxury brands, lingerie brands, children’s clothing brands, fashion brands, footwear brands, bag brands, and many more. Our primary focus is to enhance the visual appeal of products and deliver clean, polished images that can accelerate their business growth.

Ecommerce Owners

Many businesses have their own in-house photo studios for capturing product images, but they often require assistance with post-production tasks. As a studio manager, you are responsible for managing all aspects of preparing the images for online showcasing. That’s why many studio managers choose to contract with us to simplify their workflow and streamline the post-production process.

Product Photographer

The demand for product photographers is increasing day by day. Capturing shots and then editing them can be a challenging and time-consuming task. That’s where we come in. We take care of all the editing tasks, from cropping to retouching, to ensure that the images are ready for your clients. This allows you to focus on other projects while we handle the editing process efficiently.

Photo Studio agency

There are numerous regional photo studios worldwide that offer photography and post-production services to their clients. Many of these studios choose to collaborate with us and utilize our services. We efficiently handle all their editing tasks, ensuring tight deadlines are met.

Creative Agencies

We are here to support Creative Agencies and simplify their workflow. By providing clean and polished images, we assist creative agencies in designing online businesses that are consistent and visually appealing. Let us be your reliable partner in achieving your creative agency’s goals.

Visual Merchandiser

Visual merchandisers play a crucial role in presenting products effectively in both physical and online shops. They possess the knowledge of where and how to display products to attract customers. We cater to their specific requirements by providing them with tailored photo editing outputs.

Got Questions? Find Your Answers Here!

Our standard turnaround time for 1000 images is 24 hours. For rush delivery, we offer a turnaround time of 12 hours. If you require even faster delivery or have any specific order requirements, please contact us directly via email at

Absolutely. We take data security and confidentiality seriously. Your information and images are treated with the utmost care and stored securely. We have strict measures in place to protect your data and maintain confidentiality at all times.

We provide deliverables in various file formats, including JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and PSD. You can choose the format that best suits your needs, whether it’s for web usage, printing, or further editing.

You can easily send your images to us through our secure file transfer system. Alternatively, you can also send them via popular file-sharing platforms such as Dropbox, Transfer, or Google Drive. If you require any assistance or have any questions, please feel free to send us an email at

We have experience in handling bulk orders and are equipped to handle projects of any scale. Our streamlined workflow and efficient team ensure that we deliver high-quality results within the agreed-upon timeframe.

A clipping path is a technique used in image editing to create a precise outline or path around an object. It allows for the removal of the background or isolation of the desired subject, resulting in a clean and professional image.

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