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We provide the best Invisible Ghost Mannequin service for apparel products with a quality guarantee at an affordable price.

When it comes to the clothing business, hiring models can be costly. Instead, you can instantly use a mannequin for your clothing photos. After completing the photoshoot, send us all the images. We will remove the mannequin from the clothing and create a 3D view on the neck and bottom parts. This transformation will lend a professional touch to your products. Our Invisible Ghost Mannequin service has the potential to be a game-changer for you.

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Effortless Ghost Mannequin Service

For clothing businesses, Ghost mannequin is a powerful content marketing strategy that can boost sales. This invisible effect brings your apparel to life, creating a 3D view that helps customers envision how it will appear on their body. This effect significantly enhances product sales. Such editing requires the high-quality output that only experienced designers like us can provide. We excel in seamlessly joining composites to achieve a complete, natural look for your product. Several apparel giants rely on our services, and their satisfaction speaks to the quality we deliver.

What Types of Ghost Mannequin Services Do We Offer?

Invisible Ghost Mannequin

Our Invisible Ghost Mannequin service transforms your clothing products into captivating visual narratives. By expertly removing mannequins from images and creating a seamless look, we ensure that your apparel takes center stage with a realistic, lifelike appearance. Customers can focus on the garment’s design, fit, and details, resulting in increased engagement and higher conversion rates.

3D Ghost Mannequin Effect

Experience a new dimension in product presentation with our 3D Ghost Mannequin Effect. By skillfully merging different shots of your garments, we craft an illusion of depth that brings your clothing to life. This effect not only showcases your products from various angles but also entices customers by providing a dynamic view that mimics real-life interaction.

Neck Joint Image Editing

Our Neck Joint Image Editing service is tailored to enhance the visual appeal of your apparel products. We skillfully combine composites, seamlessly integrating the neck part of your product with your brand label to ensure a natural and professional appearance. This technique adds depth and realism, making your products more appealing to potential buyers.

Bottom Joint on Ghost Mannequin

Elevate your clothing images with our Bottom Joint on Mannequin service. We skillfully edit your photos to remove mannequins and create a coherent and visually appealing bottom view of your products. This approach ensures that your customers get a comprehensive view of your apparel items, enhancing their understanding of the product’s design and fit.

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Benefits of Ghost Mannequin Service

Using mannequins in product photography is a unique approach that can enhance consumer purchase decisions. This technique offers numerous benefits, including:

Reduce costs: Avoid the expenses of hiring models for every photoshoot. Ghost Mannequin service allows you to achieve high-quality visuals without the ongoing costs of model fees.

Professional Presentation: Ghost Mannequin services provide a polished and professional look to your clothing products, allowing customers to focus on the garment itself without distractions. The 3D effect created by the invisible mannequin technique brings depth and realism to your product images, making them more appealing and lifelike.

Save Time and Increased Sales: With a focus on the clothing’s fit and details, Ghost Mannequin images help customers visualize how the product will look on them, potentially boosting your conversion rates and sales while also saving time during photoshoots.

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A Ghost Mannequin service, also known as Invisible Mannequin or Neck Joint service, is a photo editing technique used primarily in the fashion industry to create the illusion that a clothing product is worn by an invisible model or mannequin. This process involves combining multiple images of a garment from various angles to remove the mannequin or model while retaining the shape and texture of the clothing item. The end result is a clean, professional, and three-dimensional appearance that showcases the clothing’s fit, style, and details. Ghost Mannequin services are widely utilized by apparel brands, online retailers, and photographers to enhance their product presentations and attract customers.

Our standard turnaround time for 1000 images is 24 hours. For rush delivery, we offer a turnaround time of 12 hours. If you require even faster delivery or have any specific order requirements, please contact us directly via email at

We provide deliverables in various file formats, including JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and PSD. You can choose the format that best suits your needs, whether it’s for web usage, printing, or further editing.

You can easily send your images to us through our secure file transfer system. Alternatively, you can also send them via popular file-sharing platforms such as Dropbox, Transfer, or Google Drive. If you require any assistance or have any questions, please feel free to send us an email at

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