Professional Background Removal Service

Removing unwanted objects from pictures using editing software is called background removal. It’s handy when a good photo gets spoiled or online shops need white backgrounds. At The CPS, we’ve done 20,000+ projects with a skilled 24/7 Photoshop team and top-notch tech.

Clipping Path Shop stands as a globally recognized premier background removal service provider. All our editing is done manually by senior designers, positioning us as a leader in the background removal service provider industry. Additionally, we offer free cropping and resizing to our clients.

Background Removal Service
Background Removal Before After

Effortless Photo Background Removal

Enhancing e-commerce images can consume a significant amount of time and effort for your creative team. Dealing with editing services can be both frustrating and slow. However, image editing doesn’t need to be this difficult. Just send us your images along with your requirements, and we’ll return them to you within 12 hours. For regular customers, there’s no need to pay after each project; you can opt for a monthly payment arrangement. Our background removal service will greatly simplify your process and reduce costs.

Intricate Images? We Can Handle It.

Facing frustration while trying to edit complex images on your own or within your production house? Or perhaps your current vendor can’t provide the quality you need? We’re here to assist photographers and brands in managing intricate images. Our skilled designers know how to meticulously select complex image objects, even those with tiny or small edges. They utilize a variety of Photoshop tools and methods to deliver exceptional output.

Our team of expert background removal designers consistently handles complex images, including fur purses, chains, flyaway hairs, jewelry, home goods, and furniture, as well as intricate or distracting backgrounds. These types of images demand significant attention and expertise.

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How Do We Remove Background from Images?

Background removal service is the process of knocking out backgrounds or backdrops using Photoshop. There are many ways to achieve this, but our primary methods for achieving the best quality are clipping path and image masking. Both clipping paths and image masking ensure the perfect removal of backgrounds. We employ the image masking method for complex small edges, such as fur and hair, while we utilize pen tools for products with clearly visible shapes. Occasionally, an image may require the use of both methods.

Background Removal Using Clipping Path

The clipping path method is commonly used for background removal services. We employ the Photoshop pen tool to accurately trace a path around the object. At CPS, we zoom in to 300% to 500% when drawing a path, ensuring meticulous attention to detail for a perfect result.

Simple Image Background Removal

Background Removal Service for Easy Image

For simple images, we only need to place a few anchor points using the pen tool. This type of product could include boxes, books, and mugs, which have straightforward shapes for drawing a path around the object.

Medium Image Background Removal

Background Removal Service for Medium Image

Medium complex images are defined by their curves, holes, and the need for more anchor points than images with basic shapes. This category includes products such as clothing, footwear, watches, sunglasses, and accessories.

Complex Image Background Removal

Complex images have multiple curves and holes, as seen in products like jewelry, flowing hair, and bicycles. This type of product demands the expertise and attention of skilled photo editors like us.

Background Removing by Photoshop Image Masking Method

The Photoshop image masking technique becomes necessary when a product or object features hairy, soft, or blurred edges. The task of selecting objects with these characteristics is challenging when using pen tools. In such instances, Photoshop masking proves highly effective, providing superior quality for object selection. Our expert photo editors utilize Photoshop masking methods with precision and scrutinize the completed task closely for any additional adjustments. We guarantee the best quality and ensure accurate background removal.

Photoshop Masking For background change

It’s easy to replace the background when the object is perfectly masked. Various methods, such as channel masking, alpha masking, and edge refinement, can be employed to select objects. We utilize these tools based on the complexity of the image.

Photoshop Masking For background change

flying Hair masking Photoshop

At times, we require image masking to create transparent backgrounds for use with various backgrounds or in presentation design. In such instances, a transparent background allows you to position your object on any background, adding a adaptable touch to your design.

Our Background Removal Services: What We Do

Background removal service involves removing unwanted objects from images and replacing backgrounds. Photo background removal enhances the appearance of your photos and elevates their visual appeal. Our background removal service assists brands and photographers in achieving faster image processing while maintaining quality. We edit photos of all types of products.

For a beginner product photographer or a senior photographer dealing with high volumes of image editing, the process can be time-consuming. We save them both time and money by providing our background removal service. We ensure that every image is edited by expert photo editors, allowing our clients to feel at ease and focus on other projects or tasks.

Isolate Image From an Unwanted Background

When you’ve taken photos on a dusty background or during an outdoor photoshoot, removing the background can enhance the cleanliness and professionalism of your image. By eliminating the background, you can use the image online for social media or even in your shop.

Remove the background from apparel

We excel at providing background removal services for apparel photos. Occasionally, our clients request the removal of mannequins from their products, opting for the Ghost Mannequin effect that adds a 3D dimension to their items. We execute this process with professionalism, ensuring stunning results.

Replace the background of your products.

This is the most common service that is required by almost all clients, and the majority of clients prefer a white background. We remove the existing background and place the subject on a white background or a color of your choice. A white background is an excellent choice for product catalogs.

Remove unwanted object from image

With our background removal service, we can effectively eliminate unwanted objects from your images. There are instances where removing unwanted elements becomes essential to prepare the image for online use, and sometimes, there are minor dust or edges that need removal. We handle these tasks flawlessly.

Who need background Removal Service?

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Background Removal Service for Product Photographer

We are the reliable partners for product photographers. Given their multiple clients, maintaining a photoshoot schedule while editing images can be challenging. We provide a fast turnaround time with cost-effective services, making it an ideal solution for photographers to outsource their photo editing tasks.

Background Removal Service for Brands

Running an editing house and providing salaries to all designers is a challenging and expensive task. That’s why we’re here to manage all your editing work for your online shop. We collaborate with hundreds of brands as a virtual photo post-production house. Our services go beyond background removal; we also specialize in color correction, photo retouching, shadow addition, clipping paths, and more.

Background Removal Service For ecommerce business

Many e-commerce platforms prefer a white background color for product images, which means you need to change the background to white after photographing your products. We excel at editing e-commerce products to perfection and optimizing them for online commerce platforms.

Background Removal Service for Fashion Industry

The fashion industry is experiencing rapid growth, accompanied by an even faster rise in online product demands. Particularly, clothing shops require flawless edits to enhance their sales potential. We provide a monthly payment system, enabling them to consider us as their in-house solution or partner. This accelerates their business growth and paves the way for success.

Amazon and eBay Background Removal Service.

Numerous small business owners utilize Amazon and eBay to sell their products, and in this competitive era, having images with white backgrounds is crucial for achieving optimal sales. Our team of expert designers excels in this task, leveraging their skills and experience to deliver outstanding results.

Background Removal Service for Photo Studio

Many photo studios shoot hundreds or thousands of photos in a day, requiring a substantial amount of image editing. Our Background Removal Service empowers your photo studio to achieve flawlessness beyond the lens. Seamlessly erasing unwanted backgrounds, it enables your subjects to take center stage with clarity and impact.

Why Choose CPS for Your Background Removal Needs?

In the era of photo editing, only a few companies provide high-quality services, and Clipping Path Shop is among them. We recognize that in this modern world, the demand for photo editing services is increasing daily. Each image carries a story, and this story can be highlighted by both a skilled photographer and a proficient photo editor. Our background removal service offers cost-effectiveness and rapid turnaround times. However, we also understand that low cost and quick turnaround hold no value without quality. This is why we provide a quality guarantee to our clients. We comprehend the value of our clients’ time and resources. Our purpose is to save them both.

We deliver up to 1000 images in a day, and for rush delivery, we offer a 6-hour option, although this may incur an additional charge. We promptly respond to new customer emails within minutes, with an average response time of just 25 minutes. A staggering 99.7% of our clients express satisfaction after their project is completed, and our first approval rate stands at around 97%. Furthermore, we never hesitate to make additional adjustments free of charge within a short timeframe.

Got Questions? Find Your Answers Here!

Our standard turnaround time for 1000 images is 24 hours. For rush delivery, we offer a turnaround time of 12 hours. If you require even faster delivery or have any specific order requirements, please contact us directly via email at

We provide deliverables in various file formats, including JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and PSD. You can choose the format that best suits your needs, whether it’s for web usage, printing, or further editing.

You can easily send your images to us through our secure file transfer system. Alternatively, you can also send them via popular file-sharing platforms such as Dropbox, Transfer, or Google Drive. If you require any assistance or have any questions, please feel free to send us an email at

Take advantage of our free trial offer for new customers. You can submit 1 to 10 images along with your requirements for retouching. We’ll promptly process and return the retouched images to you within a few hours.

Absolutely. Our skilled team is well-versed in handling complex objects. Each of our designers possesses a minimum of 3 years of experience, and our team leader boasts over 5 years of expertise. They are well-acquainted with such tasks and consistently deliver exceptional results. Before returning images to you, our QC team meticulously reviews every single one to ensure quality. Rest assured, we are fully capable of meeting your requirements, even when dealing with intricate images.

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