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We provide a professional Photoshop image masking service. Our expert retouchers employ advanced Photoshop techniques, including alpha masking, channel masking, Refined Edge Masking, Color Masking, and Clipping Masking. These techniques enable us to skillfully remove complex elements, such as models with hair flowing freely, products with fur or wool, and objects with soft edges. 

Image Masking represents an exceptionally advanced Photoshop skill, achievable only by expert photo editors like us who can execute it flawlessly.

Complex Image Background Removal

Affordable Image Masking with Clean and Crisp Results

We perform image masking manually and utilize Photoshop tools in the proper way to ensure the high quality of your images. At Clipping Path Shop, our starting price is just $0.49 per image for the Photoshop masking service. Additionally, we guarantee client satisfaction and never disappoint with our deadlines.

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Image Masking Services

Layer Masking

Layer masking helps us edit images nondestructively. After careful refinement and masking, we separate the subject from the background. This allows us to place the subject on any background color. If you wish to replace the color, you can simply request a transparent background (PNG Format).

Alpha channel Masking

The term “alpha channel” refers to a separate channel that stores the transparency information of an image. This method is powerful for capturing every detail of an object, even fine details like flying hair or wool. We handle it with professionalism and a manual touch.

Fur & Hair Masking

Fur & Hair Masking is an advanced photo editing task. We use multiple techniques to separate the object from the background. Selecting fur and hair using the pen tool is an impossible task; that’s why we employ image masking methods to achieve proper and accurate selections.

Color Masking

Color Masking technique is not only great for preventing any empty spaces in your pictures but also comes in handy for fixing colors after the fact. It all starts with using tiny pixels to add vibrant colors to specific parts of your image using Photoshop. Then, we fine-tune the contrast and brightness to make sure every click is picture-perfect.

Refine Edge Masking

We use the Refine Edges method specifically for selecting subjects with soft and smooth edges. First, we employ the pen tool to select the main area of the subject, and then we utilize the refine and quick selection tools to ensure that all the details are preserved while eliminating any unwanted edges.

Translucent Image Masking

Translucent Image Masking is a straightforward masking technique. It comes into play when dealing with products like frosted glass, sunglasses, tinted windows, and more. This method enhances your image’s visual appeal, giving it a professional and clean look.

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What is image masking?

Image masking is a Photoshop technique used to separate a subject from its background, especially when dealing with complex elements like fur, wool, or flying hair. This method allows us to precisely isolate the subject, effectively detaching it from the surrounding environment.

For Photoshop image masking, we begin by using the pen tool to select the subject. Following that, we employ the background eraser tool, magic eraser tool, channel mask, and color separation techniques to achieve a flawless separation of the subject from the background.

Difference between Image Masking and Clipping Path

Image masking and clipping path are two distinct techniques used in photo editing, each serving unique purposes based on the complexity of the subject and desired outcome. Here’s a breakdown of the differences between these two methods:

Image Masking

Image masking is used when the subject has complex edges, such as hair, fur, or translucent objects. This technique allows for precise isolation of the subject from the background while preserving fine details. Image masking methods include layer masking, alpha channel masking, and transparency masking.


  • Ideal for subjects with intricate or fine details.
  • Ensures a natural and realistic separation.
  • Smooth transitions between subject and background.

Choose Image Masking When: You have subjects with complex or soft edges, such as hair, fur, or transparent elements. Image masking ensures accurate isolation without sacrificing details.

Clipping Path

Clipping path is suitable for subjects with simple and well-defined edges. It involves creating a closed path around the subject using tools like the pen tool. The area inside the path is kept, while the area outside is removed.


  • Perfect for subjects with distinct shapes and clear edges.
  • Produces sharp and clean results.
  • Relatively straightforward process for simpler images.

Choose Clipping Path When: Your subject has clear and well-defined edges, making it suitable for simpler shapes. Clipping path provides precise cutouts and is efficient for images with straightforward outlines.

Client Testimonials

They exceeded my expectations. I'm really impressed with the final result, especially the hair area where there are no visible edges and all the details are preserved perfectly. Thank you to Evan and your team for your hard work and dedication.
Richard Harper
Product Photographer
It was an amazing experience with Clipping Path Shop. The deadlines were perfect for my high volume of images, and there was no need for adjustments – everything was perfect for me. I would recommend their Photoshop services to everyone.
Angelica Haley
Product Photographer

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Our image masking services start at an affordable rate of just $0.49 per image. We understand the importance of budget-friendly options, especially for bulk orders, and we offer additional discounts for larger projects. Rest assured, while our prices are competitive, our commitment to quality remains unwavering. Your satisfaction is guaranteed as we prioritize delivering impeccable results for every project we undertake.

Our standard turnaround time for 1000 images is 24 hours. For rush delivery, we offer a turnaround time of 12 hours. If you require even faster delivery or have any specific order requirements, please contact us directly via email at

Yes, your satisfaction is important to us. We offer a reasonable number of revisions to ensure the final result meets your expectations.

Absolutely. We take data security seriously and follow strict protocols to ensure the confidentiality and safety of your images. Our team is committed to maintaining the highest standards of privacy.

We use a variety of masking techniques, including layer masking, alpha channel masking, and transparency masking, to achieve the best results based on the specific requirements of each image.

While clipping path is effective for simple shapes, image masking is ideal for subjects with complex or soft edges. Clipping path can result in jagged edges, while image masking provides smoother and more realistic results.

We use a variety of masking techniques, including layer masking, alpha channel masking, and transparency masking, to achieve the best results based on the specific requirements of each image.

Image masking is necessary when you have subjects with intricate or fine details that are difficult to select using standard tools like the Magic Wand. It ensures a clean and accurate separation while preserving all the details.

We provide deliverables in various file formats, including JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and PSD. You can choose the format that best suits your needs, whether it’s for web usage, printing, or further editing.

You can easily send your images to us through our secure file transfer system. Alternatively, you can also send them via popular file-sharing platforms such as Dropbox, Transfer, or Google Drive. If you require any assistance or have any questions, please feel free to send us an email at

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